Mar 21, 2008

2008 Turner DHR

My 2008 race lid

This is my new helmet for 2008. The COMPOSITE IZYK is lightweight and breathable. With 15 vents_it stays pretty cool. The padding is nice and removable so you can keep it smelling like new! I like the look of the helmet to! It’s got a racey shape to it. Real comfortable helmet thou. At first When I had the helmet on I was seeing the tip of my mouth piece but now after a couple months of riding with this helmet I don't even notice. My goggles fit really good in the face. I must say the IZYK is a great design...

Mar 11, 2008

The Final Round of The Shimano Winter Series

The Shimano Winter Series is officially over! I got my Turner DHR just in time for the final round.
Big thanks to Big Ring for hooking up the new bike and the late night putting it together!
Fontana was dry and slick for the last race unlike most of the races this year. The course was pretty
tame with only two rock sections in it. I felt pretty good with the exception of a 60 compound rear
highroller tire that wasn’t working to well in the dry conditions. I Placed 3rd with a sloppy race run
and ended up taking 2nd place in the overall. I’d like to thank everyone that helped me with my racing
so far this year_you all know who you are! I’m excited for the nationals and all the other races this year.
My new Turner DHR is a really great bike and I think it will make a huge contribution to my racing!