Dec 2, 2008

17th Annual Southridge Challenge

It had been two months since the race season had come to an end for me and in november it’s always nice to have a race to break up the off season! The Annual Southridge Challenges are always held at Fontana! The weather was beautiful this time around and the course had great flow to it with some really cool turns. On Saturday I put in six practice runs and felt pretty good! Half of the course I had already ran earlier in the year at another race so I new it and didn’t need to put in to much time since the conditions were the same! Sunday morning came around and I put in a few practice runs in to make sure everything was the same and my lines were still available! I was seeded pretty early so I was out of the start box before 11am! Besides feeling good about the course I ended up getting a little to zesty up on top and after the s-turns I got off line and went into this left hand g-out too inside! I washed out the front wheel and had an off the bike crash! The bars had bent so I had to straighten them out before I continued my race run. I lost anywhere from 10 to 15 seconds on my total race run with that mishap! I had It pinned and in control the rest of my run though! I pushed myself to the limit and was impressed with my endurance! I ended up placing 10th and actually beating a few people! I was nine seconds off the leader! So I know I would of had it if I had put together a solid race run! That’s part of racing and that’s what keeps me coming back for more!
Before this race I was in the lead for the overall title by 140 points! I had the overall in the bag and didnt need to race this event to take the title but I love to race so I wouldn’t miss it for the world! The points I recieved for 10th place kept me well ahead of the second place overall racer so I’m stoked that I ended the year with the Overall Title. Thanks for all the support this year! It’s been a Great year for me and my sponsors with two titles and awesome race experiences! I couldn’t of done it without your help!