Feb 25, 2008

Shimano Winter Series #4

This weekend was really fun! I’m a little disappointed with my time and result but over all it was a real fun weekend of racing!
Saturday was awesome, we had some great weather. In the morning the sun came out for a little bit and made practice nice
and comfortable. I was riding my friend Josh’s Intense Uzzi VPX due to some mechanical issues I've had over the past two weeks with my bikes!

Needless to say It is a little different than my Avent Vandal and far from my old Ironhorse but thankfully I was able to use it this weekend and until I get my bikes figured out! The course was pretty awesome. Southridge finally ran the course down the rock section closest to the road. There were some fun g-outs and a couple speed trap sections. We all new that the course was going to be a whole different story on race day thou! Practice was still good for memorizing the course and getting adjusted to the bike I was about to race this weekend! hehehe

Saturday Night the rain started to come down, but just a light consistent mist if you will! We camped it and the rain made it’s way into the tent! Soaked my pillow and limited the room that I had to roll around in my sleeping bag. It was pretty funny!

Sunday Morning rolls around and it’s wet! Practice was real fun thou for how greasy the conditions were on the course. I just took two practice runs and hung out till my race run since I was soaked in mud! In my race run I blew out one of the turns up top and had to dab and pedal a little more to get back up to speed and found myself starting to feel gassed out! I had not even made the half way point yet! lol

I hit the rock section really good and started making my way to the last section which is an excruciating pedal if you’ve never been to fontana before! After the last little rock garden I put my head down and just tried to hammer my way to the finish! Needless to say I was Extremely gassed out and just didn't have enough for the podium! I ended up placing 6th with plenty of room for improvement!

I need to get back on my bike and start riding everyday again! See ya in two weeks racers.....

Thanks for the photos Shannon Weir.

Feb 21, 2008

2008 Shimano Winter Series

This season has started out good and quickly took a turn for the worse! I was trying to get a new bike for the Winter series! That way I would have four or five races to get used to it and I would be well prepared for the Nationals! It never works out as planned_ I ended up racing the first Shimano Winter Series race on my clapped out Ironhorse that you all have seen for the past three years! Surprisingly I took a third at the pre- season opener! With the Winter Series races every two weeks I was still trying to get a new bike! I finally placed an order with Avent/Bombshell and got myself a 08 Vandal!
I built my bike just in time for round two of the Shi
mano Winter Series! Built her up thursday night. Rode Anderson on friday so I could feel her out on a home trail. I made some adjustments and off to good ol Fontana for some winter racing! The bike actually works well! From going from a 4 link to single pivot I was impressed! 
The Avent Vandal corners great and hardly any pedal bob! Practice day on 
saturday was so fun! Brand new bike great tacky dirt! What more could you ask for_ ok, winning lotto and some beautiful women would of completed it but other than that I was a happy camper!

The second round of  the Shimano Series brought me a 4th place on the new steed!  I was pretty stoked to place that well in a decent field on my new bike! I only had two days on it and less then six hours of actual saddle time!