Jan 14, 2009

15th Annual Southridge Winter Series Round 1 January 11th 2009

This last wknd was the official start to the winter series in southern California. The weather was great
except for the santa ana winds that can make or break your race run. We had 30-50 mph gusts of
wind to deal with all wknd. Saturday Morning the winds didn’t seem that bad but as the day passed
by the winds got worse. The course was actually really fun. Donny from Southridge did a great job of
taping off the course. Lots of turns and the whole course was flowy. Saturday’s practice runs were fun
and my last run of the day felt really good. The turn out for the 1st race was exceptional. I could tell that
all the classes were going to be deep, and with no more Semi Pro class the Pro class was going to be big.

Sunday Morning came quick as always and was off to a windy start. More windy than Saturday Morning.
I did a few Practice runs as usual to see what condition the course was in and to make sure all my lines
were still there. I felt pretty confident on the course but was praying that the wind wouldn't get me on the
wall? I was the second Pro out of the start house so I relaxed a little bit before the race started and left
for the top of the hill early so I wouldn't miss my start time.

I felt really good on the top section of the course and hammered the middle fire road section to the last
rock garden. I came into the last rock section a little to zesty and got off line. I had to monster truck over a
few rocks and that took all my momentum away. After you exit that last rock section you have the wall which
is 100 yards of flat pedaling. I got the worst head wind there and was pretty much gassed at that point.
I stood up and gave it my all but I had already lost time with my little bobble and new I wasn’t going to
make the top ten.

I ended up placing 24th out of 39 Pros this wknd. If I didn’t have my bobble and a little head wind I would’ve
cracked the top ten and been up there with the rest of the fast guys. I’m looking forward to round two and
putting together a solid run with no mistakes. I’m glad the first race is over and excited for the 2009 season
with a much more competitive Pro class.