Mar 23, 2009

Shimano Winter Series Final

Well the 2009 Shimano Winter series is officially over, and to be honest I’m happy. I need a fresh start. This year
started out ruff for me! Race runs with crashes and injuries, horrible physical performances and a unconfident
race head! This weekend was no different. I placed 27th with a horrible time and I knew it during the last 40 seconds
of my race run. I gassed out way to early and blew all chances of a good result. I blame most of it on my head! I wasn't
that excited about the course and only did a few practice runs on Saturday. Sunday morning it rained and had
no motivation to practice before my race run and was considering not even racing. About forty minutes before
race time the rain stops so I figured I’d better get a run in just so I don’t hit the course unexpectedly and crash all over
the place because it’s greasy or these new rutt’s! The course was actually a whole lot better than Saturday due to
the rain. You where able to stick the corners, but to make a long story short I still hadn’t had the motivation that I
needed to win or be in contention all weekend. Lesson Learned! I ended up finishing 18th over all in the series. With
plenty of work to do....

On the brighter side of things. This weekend is the FONTANA National and first round of the Cal-State Nationals. I am
excited and eager to rip these courses apart and get back on top were I belong. I look forward to the rest of the
Season. Some of the venues have courses that suite my style more and I can’t wait to put together solid race runs!
Thanks again for all your support! I appreciate you helping me do what I love to do and continue to chase my dream!
Special thanks to Chris Wood for all the outstanding photos this year.

Mar 18, 2009

Shimano Winter Series #5

Almost done with the winter series and still no overall points. It's been a tuff start this year with a competitive pro class. This wknd brought me another midpack finish! Aghhhhhhh.