Feb 13, 2009

Shimano Winter Series Round 2

Round 2 of the Southridge Shimano Winter Series brought some nice weather and great conditions. It rained a little on Saturday but not enough to stop anyone from practicing. The little rain we had was enough to keep the course dust free and somewhat tacky. Once again Donny Jackson taped off a great course with good flow to it! I was feeling pretty good come raceday and even did a few extra practice runs before I was scheduled to leave the start box. I felt like I put together a really good run until the last 10 yards of my run. I was coming off this right hand turn to drop off and my bike just slid right out from under me. Before I could even comprehend what was going on I hit the ground. I think I would of knocked the wind out of myself but I was so gassed from pinning it I didn't have any air in my lungs! lol

I slowly got up and rolled across the finish line in disappointment. My friend Carlos Gonzalez was standing right there when I crashed and said it was the most violent crash he had seen in person. So strike two for me at the winter series. I got chest xrays on wed and have a hairline fracture in my L5 rib and bruising on a few others so I will be taking a couple weeks off. Doc says 3-4 weeks since it's just a hairline but I'm already starting to feel better wearing this rib belt they gave me to wear so hopefully I'll only miss round 3 and the bootleg race on valentines day? I plan on getting back on the bike next week so I dont lose to much of my cardio.

Thanks for the support even though my performance has been horrible at the start of this 09 season.

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