Feb 23, 2009


This last weekend was my first race back after my crash and rib injury at the 2nd round of the series
this year. I was off the bike for a total of three weeks and was pushing it as we always do. I felt really good when
I got back on the bike. Didn't feel like I could win but felt like I could compete. The conditions this weekend were really nice.
65-70 degrees and just enough moisture in the dirt to get the right amount of traction. Southridge taped
off a whole new section off hill that made for some good highspeed sections. It was a fairly simple course but
challenging with the off camber. I felt good after five practice runs on saturday and figured I would do good on sunday.
I did my normal one practice run on sunday morning before the race just to check the course and make sure everything
was still the same. My race run felt good. I railed most of the turns up top and pushed myself on the wall which is the last
200 yards or so before the finish.

I ended up midpack with a little bit of disapointment but at the same time I was extreamley
stoked that I put together a solid run with no bobbles or crashes! I was 13 seconds off the leader and 10 seconds off the
podium so I have a little work to do but I felt it was a successfull weekend and really happy that I’m back on the clean run
program :) I plan on getting back on the bike everyday so I look forward to seeing a improvement and a better finish next round .

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